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New Year New Career: Five Reasons To Start Career Training

“Originally published at blog.ed2go.com on 10th December 2019.”
Most of us think of the things we’d like to change with the New Year. For some, it’s “New Year New Career.” And why not? But what should you do instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions that, let’s face it, may fail? Experts agree that the best thing is decide to make just one big switch that will create the most change in your life — for you, that might be a career change.

In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2020 and Beyond

“Originally published at blog.ed2go.com on 27th February 2020.”
2020 was an exciting time for the tech industry. New technologies means there’s plenty of job growth and opportunity for well-prepared prospects. In fact, US News and World Report points to software development, web technologies and data management as the top career areas for the next decade.

Learn Soft Skills from Home

“Originally published at blog.ed2go.com on 13th April 2020.”
We hear a lot these days about a “skills gap,” in which companies struggle to find, recruit and hire employees with “hard” skills like coding, data science or mechanical skills.

Six Things to Know When Starting a Business

“Originally published at blog.ed2go.com on 24th September 2018 .”
Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is one of the American dreams. According to the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index, the United States has the best environment for cultivating entrepreneurship.

Six Ways to be a Leader in the Workplace

“Originally published at blog.ed2go.com on 19th September 2018 .”
It’s no secret that leadership is an important part of success in the workplace. Whether you’re working toward a promotion, or want to establish yourself in a new career, it’s important to develop leadership skills.