Corporate Training

Increase Staff Retention with Online Studies

Your HR Department can work with SBA or SBC in selecting the programs best suited to your company expansion plans.

Encourage Promotion Prospects

With relevant training, existing staff can be promoted and your workforce will be more motivated with promotion prospects within your company.

Acknowledge Commitment to Study Without Time Off

Online training materials can be accessed from all smart devices. Employees can complete courses without time off from work.

Global English Usage 

All courses are delivered in Business English only thereby developing greater fluency for International communication.

Staff Development and Staff Retention Solutions

Organizations today are faced with challenges in leadership, employee management, and especially talent retention. SBC jointly with SBA provides a range of Training Solutions at foundational or advanced level either as Online Studies or Live Onsite Corporate Training. Explore from 300+ choices all with quality content adapted directly from the US.

Corporate training | Hong Kong Sara Beattie College

Explore corporate training courses offered by Sara Beattie College Hong Kong. Choose from multiple courses to motivate and upgrade your existing staff skills.

Corporate Training At Hong Kong Sara Beattie College

Sara Beattie College is famous for corporate training in Hong Kong. Sara Beattie College (SBC) was founded in 1970. SBC offers various corporate trainings in Hong Kong. Sara Beattie College provides more than 300+ choices with trusted quality content. Sara Beattie College stands out in terms of quality and offering various courses. Anyone can partake in these trainings in two ways.

Option 1 is an Instructor LED (ILC) Course. If you prefer connecting with the tutor to clarify doubts, then ILC is the best option. However, you have to be good at time management. You need to dedicate 24 hours over six weeks (2 hours x 12 lessons). Every Wednesday and Friday, lessons will be released. You don’t need to purchase any notes or textbooks since printable notes are provided online. Every new course starts at mid-month. As these are live interactive sessions, interaction with instructors, and also students are possible. Quizzes and assignments are provided for self-assessment. 

Option 2 is a Self-Paced Course (SP). This option is for busy people who want to complete corporate training in Hong Kong. You can build your skills at your own pace. These pre-installed videos help you start anytime, anywhere, and give immediate access to all the materials. Course completion depends on your speed of self-study. This option also offers live interaction with students in live discussions. You can do a self-assessment by taking quizzes, assignments, and pretests. A score of more than 65% is required to gain a Sara Beattie College certificate to qualify. The final exam will be conducted at the end of week 6, as soon as you complete Lesson 12. 

Corporate Training in Hong Kong by Sara Beattie College will increase staff retention. Select the best program and improve your company plans. Motivate your workforce by choosing suitable training. Flexible timings and online training materials are provided to complete your training. All the courses are delivered in business English to improve fluency for International communication. Explore all the courses offered by Sara Beattie College and enhance your corporate skills and talent.

Sara Beattie College offers various online courses, such as Business & Management, Entrepreneurship, Administration, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Computers, IT & Design, Project Management & Logistics, Leisure, Self-Development, Language & Arts, Education & Teaching, Health & Well-Being. 

Empower yourself by registering in any corporate training in Hong Kong. Developing your skills creates a path to succeed in your career and reach all your goals. Since all the courses start in the middle of the month, you can stay focused and gain knowledge.

Acquire new skills by joining in any course, which would help you gain promotions by impressing your boss with new skills. This platform also creates bonds between people, allows you to talk to different people, discuss various topics, etc. Corporate training in Hong Kong uses business English, improving your communication skills to become fluent in English. 

Sara Beattie College takes care of quality and quantity. Quality training is provided to all the trainees. All the courses are designed in such a way to meet workplace demands. In this pandemic situation, online training is playing an important role. Therefore, earn a prestigious certificate by taking corporate training in Hong Kong. 

Live Corporate Training Options

Companies that require customized training for individuals or large groups can ask us to conduct a TNA for Corporate Training solutions.

If you prefer the comfort of connecting with the tutor with questions then the stand-alone Instructor Led Course format is the right option for you. This requires good time management.

Key Features

2 hours x 12 lessons = 24 hours over 6-weeks
Lessons released every Wednesday & Friday
No purchase of textbooks, printable notes provided online
New courses start mid-month every month
Interaction with instructors and students in lively discussions
Optional quizzes, assignments, pretests for self-assessment

The Final Exam is released at the end of week 6 on completion of Lesson 12. A score above 65% qualifies you for a Sara Beattie College Certificate.

Self-Paced Tutorials allow advanced students to finish courses within a few days. Busy mothers or executives may take extended time to cover our trainings at their own pace. This option is available in many of our courses and must be completed within 3 months.

Key Features

Build skills at your own pace
Start anytime, anywhere. Get immediate access to all course materials
Most tutorials can be completed in a few hours
Quick self-study on demand
Interaction with students in lively discussions
Optional quizzes, assignments, pretests for self-assessment

The Final Exam is released at the end of week 6 on completion of Lesson 12. A score above 65% qualifies you for a Sara Beattie College Certificate.