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Leisure | Photography course | Hong Kong Sara Beattie College

We offer a range of leisure and self-development online courses such as photography. Enrol in courses offered by Sara Beattie College Hong Kong that convert your hobby into a new creative business.

Leisure Photography course at Hong Kong Sara Beattie College 

Sara Beattie College Hong Kong offers a wide variety of leisure courses. You can quickly transform your hobby into a new creative business. Imagine getting a professional certificate for your passion for photography. Learn the photography course in Hong Kong and turn your passion for creative business, which enhances your skills and offers a great salary.

Discover the Digital Photography Course offered by Sara Beattie College and become a master in photography. Learn from the basics to a professional level. Learn nature photography, people photography, everything about photography by joining in the photography course in Hong Kong. Get the secrets behind photography and earn more appreciation from your family or friends by showcasing your enhanced photography skills.

We have many hobbies, and fortunately, these hobbies can make you earn the appreciation in society by carving the proper skills. As we all know, photography is related to creativity, and you can learn new ideas by getting certified training at Sara Beattie College. Even if you have no knowledge of photography, but are interested in it, Sara Beattie College is the best photography course in Hong Kong. 

The live interactive sessions give you a platform to talk to various people and understand how unique every photographer is. If you want to be unique and stand out from other photographers, you must have a unique and inspiring skill. Ignite your skills and ideas by joining in the photography course in Hong Kong.    

In addition to the photography course, other leisure courses are also offered by Sara Beattie College. Other courses are writing where you can learn advanced fiction writing and mystery writing. You can also publish and sell your e-books. Gain knowledge about resume writing, romance writing, magazine writing, effective editing, travel writing, fantasy novel writing, young adult fiction, etc. Become a creative writer by joining Sara Beattie College.

If you are an animal lover, then there is a course for that too. Become a veterinary assistant, gain practical skills, and you can also start a pet sitting business. 

However, if you are passionate about photography, then a photography Course in Hong Kong is the right choice for you. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the content because Sara Beattie College is trustworthy for its quality and quantity. You can progress through the course and get trained, either Instructor-Led or Self-Paced. Instructor-Led consists of live sessions where you can interact with the Instructor and be a part of online discussions. Self-paced allows you to learn the course anytime and anywhere. You can also have access to the course videos as soon as the training starts.

This online photography course in Hong Kong is available for 24 hours over six weeks. It is divided into 12 lessons, and as soon as you reach week six, a test will be given to get the certificate. You need to score more than 65 percent to become a certificate holder issued by Sara Beattie College. This is the best advantage of taking this course.

There are so many opportunities in the world for a photographer. All you need to do is choose the best photography course in Hong Kong, and the answer to that is Sara Beattie College.  



Have fun in a completely new area. Learn a language, write your life story or start a variety of relaxing leisure activities that could lead to your own small creative business in arts & crafts, interior design, edible gardening, preparing gift baskets, personal investment, buying & selling on eBay, photographing people, nature or travel. If you love animals, start a pet sitting service or learn the secrets of catering.

Certificate Courses

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Leisure, Self-Development, Language & Arts

  • Becoming a Veterinary Assistant
  • Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera
  • Start a Pet Sitting Business
  • Become a Veterinary Assistant
  • Become a Veterinary Assistant II: Canine Reproduction
  • Become a Veterinary Assistant III: Practical Skills
  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search
  • Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow
  • Discover Digital Photography
  • Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera
  • Photographing People with your Digital Camera
  • Mastering Public Speaking
  • Introduction to MSPowerPoint 2016
  • Get Funny!
  • Individual Excellence
  • Introduction to Journaling
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Speed Spanish
  • Speed Spanish II
  • Speed Spanish III